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​​October 2020

Normally at this time of year, we would be celebrating our annual results with a Coffee Morning – and at the same time showing you all the Christmas goodies available… but alas! this is not possible. So instead,these are the headlines

1.Thanks to the enormously hard work of Marion and Roy Haworth, in selling from home, and delivering items when the Market Hall was closed – and also to our volunteers who went back as soon as it was possible to open the stall again -we have sold just over £22,000 worth of Fairtrade goods over the year (- this is less than £2,000 down on last year, which is truly amazing.)


2. We have £942.25 more in the bank and in stock than we had at this time last year


3. We gave £278.86 from donations and £1000 from our surplus, divided between the Fairtrade Foundation and Traidcraft Exchange – and have just sent a further £102 each (from donations.)


So despite all the problems with flooding and Covid 19, we have been able to fulfil our twin aims:

  • to make a wide range of Fairtrade goods easily available in Shrewsbury,

  • and to give money to the Fairtrade Foundation and Traidcraft Exchange, to further their work in developing Fairtrade.


                                              We are deeply grateful for all your support in making this possible.



            At present, the Market stall is only open on Saturdays, from 10.00 - 2.00



Looking ahead:

At the end of February/early March, we will celebrate Fairtrade Fortnight: “Choose the world you want”.

It will probably be virtually, but we hope that by then both the Fairtrade Foundation and Traidcraft Exchange will have produced some really good videos for us all to share on ‘zoom’, as we drink our Fairtrade drinks and eat our Fairtrade baking at home!!




On 7th March 2020, we held a Fairtrade Fortnight coffee morning. The film, “Guardians of the Rainforest”, was excellent. It made clear how Fairtrade is helping to mitigate the effects of climate change – the number one concern of the farmers and growers.  (If you were not able to come, you will find the film on You Tube – it’s really worth watching.)

It was so good to have the Mayor supporting the event.


Ken Chippindale with the Shrewsbury Mayor

2019: We are happy to announce that our status as a Fairtrade Town was renewed in October 2019

Autumn 2019, and we celebrated both 40 years of Traidcraft,

and 25 years since the Fairtrade logo was launched!

As part of renewing our status as a Fairtrade Town, a group of us went to the ShrewsburyTown Council Meeting on Monday 2nd September, where a resolution endorsing Fairtrade was unanimously passed, and we felt the Councillors were both aware and genuinely supportive about Fairtrade.

Also, (since the Mayor was on holiday on that occasion) we were subsequently invited to take tea with the Mayor in his Parlour in the castle! We were able to take along a wonderful Fairtrade cake and other goodies, and with several other visitors present, it proved a lively and enjoyable afternoon.


We had several events in Shrewsbury to mark Fairtrade Fortnight this year, including Traidcraft stalls held in many churches.

Looking back…

Annscroft Parish Church held a wonderful celebration of the 40 years of Traidcraft

Looking forward…

The Big Brew Breakfast at Shrewsbury United Reformed Church included an update on Traidcraft’s present situation.

Traidcraft today:

After running into catastrophic financial difficulties, Traidcraft have had to totally restructure the business:

* All 67 of their original staff were made redundant, and only 12 people could be afforded to run the new company

* The warehouse has been sold

* The range of products they now offer has been drastically reduced, from 1400 to something like 250; the craft range has been severely limited, because this presented the greatest risk.

How does this affect the Indoor Market stall?

Happily, their present catalogue includes most of the foodstuffs we sell; and we are able to add some variety to the range by buying from other Fairtrade suppliers.

One sentence used in the recent road-show made the greatest impact:

“We can’t afford to make a single mistake this year”


The group exists to support and encourage schools, places of worship and businesses in Shrewsbury to sell and use Fairtrade products, and to promote the understanding of fair trade principles in the community.


The Market Hall, 




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